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  nimbuzz room password cracker

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PostSubject: nimbuzz room password cracker   Sat Jan 12, 2013 5:24 am

this free and easy tool to get room password

make 2 ids with same password
add id1 in id2 list
put it in progrem
and log in
enter id 1 the traget room
at last
click Get password to get room password
in barname qablan be sorate poli bood vali didam dostan darkhast dadan freesho mizaram .

kar ba in barname asoone

1. 2ta id ba pass haye yeksan besazid

2. ba id aval id dovomo add konid ( to addliste ham bashan)

3. id haro to barname qarar bedid

4. id avalo befrestid room

5. vaqti room lock shod , get pass o bezanid
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nimbuzz room password cracker
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