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 Mafia Bot 1.2

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PostSubject: Mafia Bot 1.2   Wed Dec 26, 2012 4:11 pm

make a new bot >> new@id@password@room_name@room_password@master_bot@t or f

t=invisible mod f = online mod
ab@t enable auto ban mod
ab@f disible auto ban mod
rst@* restart the bot
off@* tyrn off the bot
av@t auto visitor mod enable
av@f auto visitor mod disible
m@nick name give moderatr
me@nick name give member
k@nickname kick
b@nick name ban
p@nick name give participent
n@nick name give none
a@nick name give admin
o@nick name give owner
am@t auto member mod enable
am@f auto member mod disible
ak@t auto kick mod enable
ak@f auto kick mod disible
add@nick name add person command
pm@message send a message
id?@1@100 ?id@1@100 id?flood@1@100 for ban all series idis
r@t resource baner enable
rs@flood id resorce
r@f resource baner disible
w@t wellcom message enable
w@f wellcom message disible
f@word filter bad word
fc@* filter word list clear
chg@new master bot pass
ag@nick_name#wlc message special wlc to special user

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Mafia Bot 1.2
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