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 IP blocker server bots by

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PostSubject: IP blocker server bots by   Wed May 01, 2013 3:16 am

Friends now say good bye to flood and flooders :p
as every body knows that nimbuzz has introduced IP blocker to block the ip of flooder/abuser from now on this facilities is available in my server ids...
now mobile user can also block flooder's IP lolz

just add and enjoy


Send call#id#pass#room to call a ban bot in your room. If room is password protected, then send call#id#pass#room#roompass. For further banning commands, send help/1 to help/10 in room.
ab/on - Auto ban on
ab/off - Auto ban off
res/on - Resource censor on
res/off - Resource censor off
msg/on - Message censor on
msg/off - Message censor off
nik/on - ID censor on
nik/off -ID censor off
addres/RESOURCE - Add censored resource
addnik/NICK - Add censored nick
addmsg/MESSAGE - Add censored message
clear/res - Clear resource list
clear/nik - Clear nick list
clear/msg - Clear message list
delres/RESOURCE - Del censored resource
delnik/NICK - Del censored nick
delmsg/MESSAGE - Del censored message
show/res - Show resource list
show/nik - Show nick list
show/msg - Show message list
reslen/on - Resource length on
reslen/off - Resource lenght off
niklen/on - ID length on
niklen/off - ID length off
msglen/on - Message length on
msglen/off - Message length off
reslen/<NUMBER - Set lower limit
reslen/>NUMBER - Set upper limit
reslen/=NUMBER - Set equality
niklen/<NUMBER - Set lower limit
niklen/>NUMBER - Set upper limit
niklen/=NUMBER - Set equality
msg/NUMBER - Set max msg length
numid/on - Numeric ID on
numid/off - Numeric ID off
numres/on - Numeric resource on
numres/off - Numeric resource off
m/ID - Member ID
b/ID - Ban ID
k/ID - Kick ID
v/ID - Visitor ID
p/ID - Participant ID
am/on - Auto member on
am/off - Auto member off
wlc/on - Welcome bot on
wlc/off - Welcome bot off
wlcmsg/MESSAGE - welcome message[in message %u - username and %r - roomname]
master/ID - Add new bot master
delmaster/ID - To del master id
show/master - Show master list
clear/master - Clear master list
New Options For Banning -
banmode/1 - Simple ban mode (default)
banmode/2 - IP ban mode

add for any query
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PostSubject: Re: IP blocker server bots by   Sat May 25, 2013 6:26 am

Ip blocker server bot
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PostSubject: Re: IP blocker server bots by   Sat May 25, 2013 6:27 am

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PostSubject: Re: IP blocker server bots by   

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IP blocker server bots by
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