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 Nimbuzz Flood ip Blocker

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PostSubject: Nimbuzz Flood ip Blocker   Sun Mar 17, 2013 7:26 pm

Flood IP Blocker

Hello All.

As you know that Nimbuzz
server make up date

Specially in room

There Is a lot of
Codes in Room

This Tool
Using advantage For Stoping Flooder

For IP Blocking,
there must one of flood ids being in the room

So you can't Send
the Code For Blocking IP before flood id left

This Tool will
once flood Id Send MSGs, catches it and ban it + ban IP

If flood blocked
will show you in box flood x blocked

If it showed =
flood Can't Block

That means flood
id left fast or Flooder Which Flooding You Room he's
online in your room

Then found he +
/ban f him


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Nimbuzz Flood ip Blocker

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