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 new best id maker by redler 6x make 6 ids in 1 click

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PostSubject: new best id maker by redler 6x make 6 ids in 1 click   Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:31 am

step 1:- Choose ur desire password and id length.
step 2:- Wait and let the browser reload all captcha's
step 3:- enter 5 captcha's like captcha1@captcha2...captcha6
press enter all ids will be made. No need of pressing autofill
step 4:- press load next 5 is to load next images.
Note:- u have to press this button after creation of every 6 ids browser will autorefresh captcha's too but still u have to press load next button otherwise it wont load new nicks and u will get error id already exit
u can redo steup 3 and 4 to make ids u will see total ids generated in lower button

Step 5:- Save all ur ids in ur desire folder

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new best id maker by redler 6x make 6 ids in 1 click
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